Media is a handy tool that helps people to communicate with other people who are far from each other. Media has different types of classifications, and these include narrowcasting and broadcasting type of medium like:

  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • TV
  • Billboards
  • Telephone
  • direct mail
  • internet
  • fax

Medium is the plural term of Media and this can also take either plural or even a singular verb that depends on the intended sense.

The word ‘media’ in today’s modern application

Media is known for its channels of communicating, and this was first used for communication Marshall McLuhan. He is a Canadian theorist, in which he stated that the Counterblast in the year of 1954. Marshall McLuhan then stated that media must never be used as toys, or for some inappropriate way of using media. This can only be entrusted for the new artists because media is an art form. During the year of 1960, the term ‘media’ went widely spread for overall use in countries of North America and throughout the United Kingdom.

Media has a crucial role in today’s modern society. So, it’s no surprise that the media had taken a bigger portion of our everyday life. Media has a lot of purposes. It gives information to what is currently happening, what kind of gossips, new trends of fashion, and what are the latest gadgets that were currently out in the market.

Current society is influenced a lot by media. Media took over people’s lives and is helping a lot of people to communicate and to gain information about the things that they want to know, including opinions and judgments based on a type of issues.

Media helps people to keep them updated about the current situation that’s happening around the world. With just a few browsing on the media, you will get the specific issues that you want to know.